About Wood Work Dad

Welcome to Wood Work Dad! This site is dedicated to helping beginners start to feel more comfortable with tools, techniques, and terms so you you can ask the right questions to the right people.

As a long term woodworker and DIYer, I have come in contact with a lot of people who are expert woodworkers and have passed on knowledge to me directly. I draw a lot of inspiration from my father, who was a lifelong woodworker and DIYer.

Why I started Wood Work Dad

Wood Work Dad started as an idea when I realized just how hard it is for beginners in wood working to actually get started. Seasoned woodworkers assume you know a lot of terms and techniques or what tool to use when.

I’ve also read some pretty dry and boring material that doesn’t really answer the question asked. I wanted to improve the experience for beginners or those new to a tool or project that needs a bit of guidance.

I also want to answer how you can involve your children in the shop and encourage a safe love of woodworking and DIY projects in any child.

What to expect

Wood Work Dad is a newer site and only got started in late 2022. As a result, I’m still building content as rapidly as a father of three small children can add it.

My intention is to provide answers about:

  • tools
  • terms about woodworking
  • techniques to do different tasks
  • tool brands (I’ve started with an extensive collection on Ryobi tools)
  • including children in the shop safely
  • how tos
  • comparison guides
  • shopping guides for tools
  • reviews of tools

I’m open to suggestions, so always feel free to comment on a post to let me know what else you want to read about.