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Ryobi scroll saw: 6 Reasons you’d be stupid not to buy one now

The Ryobi scroll saw allows you to make very detailed cuts in a variety of woods. It is the perfect solution to people who want to make intricate designs and cuts and don’t like the inaccuracy of a jig saw.

What is a Ryobi scroll saw?

You can find Ryobi products in Home Depot stores and on their website. You can also find them on Amazon and sometimes second-hand retail sites, like Facebook Marketplace.

Ryobi does not have a great reputation with contractors who tend to prefer DeWalt or Milwaukee, but the company has recently been making several improvements in their tool quality. While Home Depot still markets their flagship brand towards DIYers and hobbyists, some of their tools may hold up well to daily use that a contractor puts them through.

A Ryobi scroll saw is one of several hundred tools, accessories, and outdoor equipment that Ryobi offers. A scroll saw is a workbench top power saw featuring a very small blade. Like a jig saw, the blade uses an up and down (reciprocating) motion to cut through wood. Both tools can also make curved cuts and are can be used in design work.

Unlike a jig saw that can also make cross cuts and rip cuts and power through different materials, a Ryobi scroll saw can only make very detailed cuts in small work boards. That’s it. In other words, its a specialty tool that not everyone needs. DIYers in particularly will likely never need a scroll saw as a band saw or jigsaw can generally fulfill their needs.

Scroll saws are a great option for people looking to make very intricate and detailed cuts in wood. It is great for making small pieces, like detailed sides of jewelry boxes, lettered signs, or other small to medium sized projects.

Features to consider before buying a Ryobi scroll saw

A Ryobi scroll saw offers a lot of similar features to pricier models ,like DeWalt, making it a comparable product at a much more attractive price point. If you are on a budget, it may be one of your best options.

Here are some features of the Ryobi scroll saw to consider:

  • Integrated dust port: This allows you to attach a shop vacuum or other dust collection system to the scroll saw.
  • Cast iron base: The sturdy base can hold up well to repeated use and should maintain its shape even if you are a bit rough on your tools.
  • Speed between 550-1600 SPM: The Ryobi scroll saw allows you to adjust the speed for making different cuts for different wood densities. My only complaint is the use of a gauge instead of being able to select the actual speed you want or need.
  • Tilting base: The base can tilt up to a 45 degree angle without the need for tools to adjust it. This allows angled cuts through the work piece.
  • Built in dust blower: The dust blower sits right above the blade and helps to clear dust as it happens. This can help both keep your work piece clean and help you see better as you guide the wood through the saw.
  • Clamp for blade: The clamp holds the blade in place and allows for a quick and easy change without needing any tools. The clamp accepts both pin and plain end blades so you can use just about any replacement blades you like from any brand.
  • 16 inch Throat depth: The throat depth is the distance between the blade and the back frame. The larger the depth, the bigger the piece of wood you can cut.

The Ryobi 1.2 AMP Corded 16″ Scroll Saw

Ryobi scroll saw - 16 inches
Ryobi 1.2 AMP Corded 16″ Scroll Saw

Ryobi offers one model of scroll saw that sits on a workbench or table top. The Ryobi scroll saw offers a variety of features, including:

  • 3 year warranty
  • base that tilts up to 45 degrees
  • saw speed between 550 to 1600 SPM with a knob adjustment
  • dust port to connect to a shop vac
  • cast iron base
  • 16″ throat depth
  • dust blower to make it easier to see
  • sample 18 tooth per inch (TPI) blade
  • over 6′ cord


  • Offers a lot of features that more expensive models offer
  • Limited vibration when using
  • Easy blade changes
  • Accepts majority of standard blades both with and without pins
  • Gets generally good reviews online
  • Low price with several features


  • No built in light like some models have
  • Speed adjustment is not specific to speed so may be difficult to achieve an exact speed needed for some cuts
  • Not as deep a throat as some more expensive brands, lacking about 4 inches

6 Reasons a Ryobi scroll saw is worth the investment

If you are considering adding a scroll saw to your inventory of tools, here are the top reasons you may want to get they Ryobi scroll saw.

  1. Price – While not as cheap as the Wen 16 inch scroll saw, the Ryobi 16 inch scroll saw is still a cheaper option compared to other DeWalt, Delta, and larger Wen models.
  2. Available features – The Ryobi scroll saw offers several features found on the much more expensive models, which means you are getting a bit more than what you are paying for with a purchase.
  3. Ease of use – The quick blade changes is a great feature not just for replacing blades but for popping it in and out in a pre-drilled hole on the work piece to make a cut within the board.
  4. Blade acceptance – The Ryobi 16 scroll saw allows you to use either pin or plain scroll saw blades, which makes it much easier and less of a hassle to get replacement blades.
  5. Solid construction – The Ryobi scroll saw is built with a solid feeling base that will not bend easily. You can be a bit rough on it and still have a functional working space for your needs.
  6. Ability to make intricate cuts you cannot get with a jig saw or bandsaw. This is really the saw you want if you like making small pieces with a lot of details and precision work.

Where to buy a Ryobi scroll saw

You can purchase a Ryobi scroll saw in a few different spots, including:

  • Home Depot: You have the most options visiting Home Depot either online or in store. You can also order one for shipment to your home or to your local store. Both shipping options are free. If you go to Ryobi’s website, they will open a cart from Home Depot, which gives you the same two shipping options.
  • Amazon: You can search for and typically find at least one seller for a Ryobi scroll saw. They generally offer competitive prices to Home Deport, but you may need to watch that you are not paying for an older model that is outdated.
  • Second-hand sites: Facebook Marketplace and other secondhand shops, like eBay, often have options to purchase Ryobi tools, like a scroll saw. You may even luck out with a people off loading an unopened tool. I’ve gotten a few good buys from Facebook Marketplace, you just need to keep an eye out for the right deals.

When to buy Ryobi tools

Home Depot runs a regular sale on Ryobi tools once a year called, you guessed it, Ryobi Days. This typically occurs around May or June.

During Ryobi Days, they offer different discounts, buy one get one free specials, free tools with the purchase of a battery, and other deals. If you have a lot of cordless Ryobi tools, it is a great time to get extra batteries.

It’s also a good time to start or update your Ryobi collection of battery operated tools, buy replacement batteries, or to pick up one a Ryobi scroll saw.

During the holidays, Home Depot often runs specials on a lot of their tools and other products, so it may be worth checking out some of those specials too. You may also find you prefer a different brand and find a good deal on that instead during the holiday season.


You asked them or other people I suppose is more accurate here, anyway, I answered them. Here are some top questions concerning Ryobi scroll saws you may want to know the answer to.

Is Ryobi a good scroll saw?

I would say, yes, yes they are worth the money and are a generally a good value. They offer many features available in more expensive models, get good reviews online, and only really lack a built in light and larger throat. But these are minor complaints, particularly if you work with small pieces or have a well lit workshop, which you should try to achieve anyway.

Does Ryobi make a scroll saw?

Yes, Ryobi makes a 16″ scroll saw for use on your workbench. It offers many features for an affordable price point. It also accepts both pin and plain replacement blades, so you have ample choices when it comes to getting a replacement blade for the saw.

Is a scroll saw worth it?

I’m a bit biased because I do a lot of fine detail wood work, so yes, a scroll saw is definitely one of my top tools. That said, the average DIYer or hobbyist does not always need a scroll saw because they can fulfill their needs with a jig saw or band saw.

If you do a lot of fine detail work with your wood, then a scroll saw is worth the investment. If you don’t, you can skip this tool and never miss it. In that regard, it is definitely a specialty tool.

Take away

A Ryobi scroll saw is a good option if you want to make fine, detailed work in small boards. It is a specialty tool, meaning you don’t necessarily need to add it to your tool collection like you might consider for a table saw or circular saw.

The Ryobi 16 scroll saw is a good investment if you need one. It offers several features found in more expensive models and performs reasonably well for the price. You will likely not be disappointed in your choice.

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